Fun, Joy & Imagination

Louie Ukulele is a brand new early years music group for all ages of pre-school children and babies.


Every week Louie leads you on a musical adventure bursting with fun, joy and imagination. Louie has loads of original songs to sing, plus some old favourites, and brings bags full of bits and bobs for busy brains and curious fingers. He's looking for new friends who love exploring the magic of music and making a joyful noise. Putting homemade charm and wonder at its heart, Louie Ukulele offers a break from backing tracks and baby sharks.

​Louie thinks it's incredible that making music is one of the few activites with the magic to power the logical AND creative zones of our brains! It's been proven that engaging with music in early years has a positive effect on all areas of child development. It also creates a fun and creative space for bonding between children and carers.

Louie Ukulele is for all ages of pre-school children and babies. It is created and led by Glasgow musician Lewis Gordon.

Join Louie:

Every Monday from 10.30am @ Queen's Park Govanhill Parish Church.

Every Wednesday from 10.30 am @ 113th Scouts Hall, Burnside.

To book your space please email or contact via social media. Each session costs £5 per adult & child (£1 extra for each additional child)